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We asked some of our students to tell us what they would give someone for New Year’s if they could give anything they could think of—and who they would give it to. (For many countries New Year’s is the celebration for giving gifts and Christmas is purely a religious observance.)  

My gift would be for my best friend and it would be a book because she loves books. She is a very hard worker in her lessons and deserves a book. She is my best friend because she is very kind and she is a Wushu athlete too. I think she is like me. I would give her the book Nelson Mandela wrote because very long she looked for this book and can’t find it.  I want to find it and give it to her. —Madina  (Afghanistan)

* * *

I would buy a new mobile phone for my mother. I would buy this because her mobile has problems and it isn’t good any more. She needs it for calling her relatives far away. There are lots of things she can’t do because it doesn’t have enough storage. It would make her so happy to have a new phone so she could see photos of her family and send some of us.                                                                                                                
The Gentle Son  (Mideast) 

* * *

I would save all my money from my work and buy my son a beautiful new shirt and my daughter a beautiful new dress.  The Gentle One  (Mideast) 

* * *

I would draw the most beautiful picture of my mom and give it to her.  Anita  (Kenya) 

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