But we grow up

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We have another fun story from our newer writer, Ina Mina, who is from Africa.

WHEN we were young, my siblings and I played together. Usually, Monday through Friday was relatively calm. From Friday afternoon till Saturday noon we used to dive deeply into our games. But our games were regularly interrupted because our mothers or elders always called us to do some task at home or to stop playing. 

     As soon as the task was done, we found a right moment, when our parents were not watching, to escape and go play again. We would go back to our games until the next call interrupted us again or the sunset reminded us that it was time for everyone to go back home.  

     We used to play soccer, ball games, and jump rope. “Tour de France” was a group game. With our feet we dug a long, curved path. The path would be used for racing little balls. With our thumb and forefinger we flicked our balls inside that long path. We played the game until someone’s ball came to the end of the path first. 

   Another game, “cache-cache,” (in English you say “Hide and Seek”) was one of my favorite games. We also loved to play and pretend we were a family with someone being the father, the mother, and the children. The family game consisted in “cooking” sand and herbs in a cup. We used toy dishes or leaves for dishes to “eat on” and to feed our dolls. We sometimes sewed dresses with old materials for our dolls. My favorite game was playing with dolls. 

    Another game we loved to play was “le jeu de Caillou”—a pebble game. (It is a little like the English game, Jacks.) You played this game by first gathering seven stones. You sit on the floor to play. Then, you throw one of the stones up in the air. Before it hits the ground, you must quickly grab the other stones and catch the stone you threw up in the air.  

     I really loved to play as a child. I played until I was 16 or 17. I realize today that it is the best time of our lives. But we grow up and have to leave games behind.  —Ina Mina

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