A winter story

This story is by our young writer, Yulia, from Russia.  She was told to write a story using the words that you’ll see in bold type.  Good job, Yulia!


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TODAY was the first snow and that meant that winter was coming. All the animals were very sad that there was only a little snow.  They wanted big snow drifts.      

     One very cold morning rooster, like an alarm clock, said “Cockadoodle doo!”  All the forest animals who were sleeping, the bears, rabbits, birds, woke up. This morning they planned to meet in the meadow, because it was a special morning. They met to talk about preparations for Christmas. They talked about the Christmas tree and ornaments, and their holiday plans.       

     They talked about everything for a long time and finally
they chose the biggest Christmas tree from the forest they could find. They chose the most beautiful spot in the middle of the meadow to put it.  They invited all their friends to help. When the friends were all together, they started to sing. The friends finished decorating the tree only as it became evening. They were very happy because this night Santa would come and put under the tree the gifts for all the animals.      

     Then all the animals went back to their houses to sleep.  While they were asleep a snow- storm began. On Christmas morning, all the animals ran outside. They saw all the snow and were very, very happy.  They forgot about wanting lots of gifts because the snowstorm was THE BEST GIFT. — Yulia 

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