The letter “O"

Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. In this totally delightful story, Lahu tells us how the letter “O” came to be.  Lahu is from India and teaches math to young children.

Photo courtesy Ashton Mullins, Unsplash!


O: The King of Two Kingdoms

Subjects of the Alphabet Kingdom, Greetings!

I, as King of the Alphabet Kingdom, am expanding our Kingdom! You know that I am letter 15 in the alphabet. I look like this ‘O’ or like this ‘o’. When anyone makes the sound “O” their mouth even looks like me!          
     Many important words begin with me: oranges, owls, and offices where important people, like me, work. Also, people who get along with each other say, “OK!” and without me there would be no one. All the other letters have limitations, but for me there are no limitations because I am the only letter that doesn’t have any corners. I can roll!     
     I am the most common letter in the English alphabet. To prove how important I am, there are lts and lts f wrds that wuld nt exist withut me and even kingdms wuld nt exist withut me.  Clumbus wuld nt have discvered America because he wuld nt have had a bat.  Yu culd nt turn lights n and ff and shps wuld never be pen withut me.          
     But all this is not enough for someone as great as me. And so I am announcing to you this day that I am King of a second Kingdom! Mathematicians also use me. As a number they call me a ZERO. Sometimes people don’t give me the value that I deserve. However, when they discover my worth, they give lots of value to me.  I’m needed to know the temperature, speed, time, weight and size of things. When I am coming after any number, that number
s value is 10 times more! But when mathematicians want to show there is nothing they also use me.  I alone represent Nothing. 
     Finally, without me, there never would have been James Bond.  —Lahu

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