The letter “C” 

Photo courtesy Hanna Morris, Unsplash!


Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. This story was given to them as an example.

I AM the letter C and this is the story of how I came to be. 
     One day the Alphabet Maker dreamed of making a very gentle letter. He dreamed of a gentle shape like a child’s face, or the shape of a fresh fruit pie, or a cat curled up, peacefully asleep. “What a beautiful letter that would be,” he said, “if I could make a letter that would remind people of a full moon, or the sunflowers of summer, or a drop of water, or a warm cup of soup. People would say, ‘Oooo, what a beautiful letter!’  In fact, I think I will call my new letter
     So on the first day of January, a very long time ago, the Alphabet Maker got out his best pen and a new piece of paper and started to make his new letter. But that day was a very cold day and just before he finished making his new letter, the ink froze in his pen and his letter looked like this:
     The Alphabet Maker looked sadly at the result and started to reach for the paper to throw it away. Just then his little daughter came in. When she saw the new letter
C, she opened her arms wide to hug her dear Papa and said, “Oh Papa! What wonderful new letter you have made! It’s a picture of you hugging me, Yes?” 
     With new eyes, the Alphabet Maker saw the warmth and beauty of the letter
C. So, thanks to his little daughter, the Alphabet Maker kept the letter C and that is how it came to be.

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