“Snow Day” 




In many places in the western world, the words “snow day” mean no school because of a moderate to heavy snowfall.  In other countries, like Russia and Ukraine, children are expected at school unless the tempera- ture hits -30C (-22F).  
     The last week of January, our fellow tutor, Karen (who lives and teaches in Spain, but spent several months Nepal last year) warned us that there might not be Skype classes in Nangi that week because of a snow fall that puts a whole new meaning on the words, “snow day”! 

THERE have been very big snow falls in Nangi [in northern Nepal]. I read on the news that it’s the biggest snowfall in 20 years.  Here are some pics that some of my friends there shared with me.  The first one is the school, the second, a part of Nangi, and the final two are of Mohare Danda—where the internet relay station is.  They have had 4ft in Mohare.  I am not sure how that will affect classes this week.  I can’t imagine how cold the school will be as the windows have no glass, just shutters which let the wind through. If classes are affected this week I imagine this will be why. —Karen


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