My talented little sister

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Photos courtesy Madina

One of the most fun things about our work is seeing is the younger siblings of our earlier writers now joining the InterestEng. family. Here Madina, soon to be a 9th grade student, writes about her little sister, Sarah. Madina herself is the younger sister of our long time, loved writer, Frozan.

MY younger sister Sarah is 12-years-old. She started drawing when she was 7-years-old. She used pencils and drew in black and white. We went to a drawing school together. We learned drawing for one year and then we left it for 2 years because we were looking for a better teacher. 

     Then she started again and went to a new drawing class because she found a new teacher and really wanted to learn again.  She loves her teacher and her new friends and she goes to the classes with a lot of interest.  Because I go to Wushu classes, I don’t have enough time to go to drawing class with her. But I try to learn drawing at home.

     Now Sarah is a very good artist.  —Madina

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