Love is better than power

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Sajia is also one of our newer writers. She is from Afghanistan and is at university in Kyrgyzstan. Her native language is Dari. At university she learns English and Russian. Recently her English tutor gave her an old Arabic tale to read about a man who sold wise words. Afterwards, she was asked what wise words she would share with someone.  This was her reply. 

FOR you I have these words:  Love is better than power. Love  is the most precious thing in our life. When we have no hope or dreams for our future, and being alive becomes a thing of chance, the only thing that makes people’s hearts warm and gives them strong reasons to live, is love. In my country, people want to be loved and to live beautifully and with all that is beautiful. Power can’t bring happiness. It creates inequality between people. We all know that power does not make us superior to others. It just separates us from each other and brings sadness. I dream of seeing real and genuine smiles on my people’s faces. They deserve much more than this. —Sajia 

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