Little stories

Illustrations courtesy, Story Birds.


Students learning English are sometimes given pictures to look at, and then write impromptu stories about, during their lesson. They often do the assignment “kicking and dragging their feet” because it’s HARD to write in a language you’re just learning!  But their results are always wonderful as you’ll see. 



THAT day was very strange! My human put this odd bottle on the table, filled it with water, and said, “Say hi to Fishy! He’s your new brother.”
     Fishy was a fish, I thought to myself, and he smelled like food, not a brother. But then I remembered that members of a family don’t eat each other. So I didn’t eat him. But there is a good side to this story. Because I promised to not eat Fishy, my human fed me lots of chicken scraps. I guess chickens aren’t brothers.  
Polina (Russia)


ONCE there was an adventurous elephant who dreamt all his life to fly like a bird.  But he didn’t know how to fly because he had no wings.  Then he had an amazing idea.  He bought many colorful balloons and tied them around his big body.  And with happy words he said, “I can fly!”  He jumped from a mountain and the wind caught him and the elephant flew like a bird.  His flight was very amazing and long.  He was able to see his home and friends from high in the blue sky.     
     When his friends saw him they were VERY surprised. They were also very glad to see him up in the clouds because their friend’s dream finally came true.  
Manizha  (Tajikistan) 

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