Clever in 3 languages

Photo courtesy Alexandre Dinaut, Unsplash!


   Yulia is from Russia and has written stories for InterestEng. for several years now.  This year she began to learn French in school in addition to English. Her English tutor gave her the assignment to write a story using the words below. The words are virtually identical in Russian, French, and English. We found Yulia’s story very clever, especially since she wrote about her little sister!

television, ballet, ballerina, jubilee, metro, hotel, menu,  restaurant, salad, soup, omelette, illusion, literature, souvenir ___________

ONE day a television star had a jubilee. It was a real famous ballerina. She wanted to travel to an interesting place. She decided to take a trip to Moscow. This ballerina rode the train. While she rode she read literature. She read a book was called, “How to remain a famous ballet star.  

     When she arrived in Moscow she took the metro to a hotel.  This hotel had a restaurant inside and the ballerina decided to go eat. After the trip she was very hungry. The waiter invited her to take the menu. The ballerina said that she was on a diet and ordered a salad and soup.  After that she was still hungry and decided to order an omelette. When she ate the omelette, it was very tasty and so she decided to take with her, as a souvenir, 1 more omelette. Then she went to her room to sleep. When she opened her eyes after sleeping, she understood that everything was just an illusion, a dream. But in her kitchen that morning she found a tasty omelette.   —Yulia

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