Beauty is always possible

Rainy Weather, Gustave Caillebotte (1877)


One of the joys of working with people learning English is to discover that beauty of expression is always possible, even when we have just a very few words with which to express it. The story below was written by a new learner of English. Nemajo lives in the Pune region of India and works for a wonderful organization called Akshara. We will be telling you more about this remarkable organization in the future but, in the mean time, you can visit their website here.

Nemajo was doing a homework assignment. The assignment was to write a story about a photo—no small task for even a native speaker!  (See the photo here.) In teaching language learners, the number of mistakes is not important. The important thing is if the learner can make himself or herself understood even as a new learner. Even more than being understood, Nemajo wrote a very enjoyable story!

Original story:

Once day one woman going to the trip for Switzerland. she had all things bring about for trip. she is very enjoyed for the trip.she saw for very important points in the trip. one point her was very remember.because,there are snow fall and fog there. this seen is very wonderful. there are lots of people enjoyed.all people wore for jacket.she is wore for jacket but she had a red umbrella. all people looking for her and people say’s “o… ho she had the red umbrella. wonderful !” all people suddenly looked for there and very happy.all people meet to the women and said you are very intelligent.because there are lot's of people but not have the umbrella but you have a umbrella. she is very happy and she said thank you for all.she is left.

Corrected story:

ONE day a woman WAS going ON A trip TO Switzerland. She had all THE things SHE NEEDED for THE trip. She WAS very EXCITED ABOUT the trip. She saw MANY important PLACES ON the trip. One PLACE SHE REALLY rememberED because there WAS snowfall and fog there. This SCENE WAS very wonderful. Lots of people enjoyed IT. All THE people wore - - jacketS. She - - wore A jacket AND she had a red umbrella. All THE people WERE looking AT her and shocked. THE people SAID, “O... ho, she has a red umbrella. Wonderful!”  All THE people suddenly looked AT HER and WERE very happy. All THE people GREETED the woman and said, “You are very intelligent because there are lots of people but not ONE has AN umbrella. You have THE umbrella!” She WAS very happy and she said, “Thank you”  TO EVERYONE. THEN SHE WAS GONE.

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