An African Tale

Photo courtesy Charl Durand, Unsplash!


Last month we welcomed Ina Mina to InterestEng. This month she shares a sweet childhood memory with us.

WHEN I was a little girl, I loved to sleep with my grand- mother. Before going to bed when we, my sister and I, were on the bed ready to sleep, she told us a story. After each story she always gave us the lesson from it. I remember one of her stories about two hares. 

    A long time ago, two hares lived together.  They used to share all their joy and even all their sorrow with each other. In this life they only had each other. 

    One day, when they were hungry and were looking for food side-by-side, suddenly a hungry lion appeared before them. He was also looking for food. The two hares did not run away but stopped and stared at the lion. 

     The lion was surprised and he asked them, “Are you not afraid of me? Why don’t you run away when you see me? Don’t you know that I can swallow you as a joke?”  

     One hare replied because the other one was too scared to talk. “We did not want to run because we knew that even if we ran from you, you would have followed us and eaten us. We decided not to suffer two times for nothing. We wanted to stay together and have you eat us without struggle.” 

     The lion listened to them and looked at them.  He felt ashamed and turned back and disappeared. Since that day the two hares were safe and could walk fearless and with peace.
Ina Mina

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