What if you did not know how to read?


Earth shot courtesy NASA. Photo-illustration, InterestEng.


For many years Alona and her son, Andrei, have taken English lessons together.  Now Andrei is in his 1st year of university. Alona continues her English lessons at home and contributed this thoughtful story. 

WHEN I watched this video, I remembered something from when I was a student at a university here in Ukraine. I was 22-years-old and we had some students at the university who were about 45 or 50-years-old. I couldn’t understand why they would want to study when they had only a few years until they would retire. But they decided to get an education. Time passed. I became older. Now I am 42-years-old and I understand.

     My son is now studying at a university in Kiev.* He tells me about his lessons. I would love to have such a possibility again! If I now had such an opportunity I would gladly take it.  Learning never becomes irrelevant. Even if a person cannot use what he is learning for a particular kind of work, that person’s thinking keeps improving. —Alona

*Andrei is studying at the oldest university in Kiev, The National University of Kyiv. The university was founded 600 years ago and is considered “the Harvard” of Ukraine.

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