Ukrainian Independence Day


Photos courtesy Alona and Andrei 


“My country is beautiful, but all earth is my home.” — Andrei

Hello friends! We want to tell you about our Ukrainian Independence Day. It is celebrated on the 24th of August and is a very colorful holiday as you can see from our photos. On this day we are celebrating our independence from the USSR. This year was already our twenty-third celebration of independence.

     In all the main squares and on all the streets people are celebrating. People wear beautiful traditional Ukrainian clothes. Not only artists, but simple people also wear colorful national costumes.  Everywhere, you hear songs being sung and see people eating lots of different and very tasty kinds of food.  On this day it is a tradition for people to make a tasty bread called Karavai. 

     Ukrainan people pride themselves on being able to make beautiful things with their hands. On this day in all the cities exhibitions are set up. You can walk anywhere freely and look at all the displays like in a museum.  And if you are tempted, you can buy many things as well! In many cities parades are arranged. 

     At the end of the day huge pots appear on the streets. In them they are making Borsh Uha (a delicious soup) and different types of pourage. And all this is free—for treating the people. But if you want shashlik (our version of barbeque) and a lot of other delicious things you have to buy them. Come to Ukraine and try our Borsh, we promise you will like it!

    Please remember to stay until it becomes dark when there are beautiful fireworks 

———  Authors, Alona and Andrei    

(Mother and son speak both Ukrainian and Russian as their native languages—and both have been learning English for many years.)


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