Photos courtesy of Vanya and Marta!


Marta and her little friends.


Quote of the Month:  “There’s nothing more comforting than puppy breath.”                     — Unknown

MARTA ....................................................   [A true story.] 

     I don’t know anyone who does not love animals. And everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. In our family there is one, very little, best friend. Her name is Marta. She is a Yorkshire Terrier. She only weighs 2,5 kilograms (about 5 pounds). She is three years old but she looks like a puppy. She eats almost only vegetables—and really loves to eat. She is smart and cute. But, to be honest, she is very lazy. She sleeps 15-17 hours a day! And when she is awake she always hungry. Two years ago she had three puppies. They were very cute. But we couldn’t have four dogs and so we gave the puppies to our friends. 

     Marta is always in good mood. Maybe that is why everyone loves her. Even birds. Marta always has lots of friends, but the most inter-esting were two baby ducks and a parakeet. They ate together, played together. It was very funny to watch. It was especially funny when Marta was eating and the parakeet sat on her head, trying to interrupt her! 

 — Author, Vanya [Vanya’s native language is Ukrainian]


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