The painting that looked almost real

      A fairy sail  

     A fairy sail is written by two people writing each other on the Internet. One person writes a few words and sends them up to the stars, around the moon, across the night sky and into the computer of another person. That person then writes a few more words. The story sails back and forth until it is done. 


CAROLINA loved to paint. When she wanted to paint, she went to a little white house on the beach her father built just for her. It had one room, a blue door and six windows: three on the front of the house and three on the back. It was perfect.  

     One day Carolina took a piece of paper and put it carefully on her drawing table. She found her favorite brushes and then started to paint.
She took some blue paint and added some white to it, to paint the edge of the sky where it spills into the ocean. Sometimes the things Carolina painted seemed almost real. This was one of those days. She kept painting until there wasn’t enough room on the paper. She then began to paint the table ... and then the walls, the door and even the floor. Suddenly, Carolina looked down. Her feet were wet! When she looked up, she saw a boy in a sailboat sailing toward her. Carolina was very surprised to see him because no one ever came to visit her. But he spoke to her like a real boy and said, “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than this painting. I was sure it was real!” Then he said, “Would you like to come sail with me?”

     Carolina looked very carefully at him and said, “Are you real or painted?” The boy replied, “If I’m painted, how could I talk?” At first, Carolina laughed because it was all so funny. Then she had an idea. She took her favorite brush and painted a mustache on the boy’s face. The boy started to laugh. She thought, “He must be real!” They became good friends. Each day, the boy took her to sail on the ocean and Carolina painted paintings that were almost real

 Authors, Annette and Mrs.Chips 


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