The Not-Café

By Andrei.  Native languages, Ukrainian and Russian.



Logo of the Not-café in Cherkassy, Ukraine.


ALMOST everyone has been to a café. But not everyone has been to a Not-café [or, Un-café]. I bet you can’t even imagine what it is like. First, think of the difference between a café and your home. There are different feelings and there is a different atmosphere. But not when you go to the Not-café! You immediately recognize your home inside. Right away, you feel something familiar and comfortable. 

     When you arrive, you will be given a little card that records the time you are there. You can just sit and read some books if you want. You can play on the X-box. There is a free WiFi zone there. You can even go and take as much as you want from the refrigerator! You can make some tea or coffee for yourself.  You can eat tasty cookies and cakes. But you can’t smoke or drink alcohol. There is no smoking or drinking here.  

     Later, you can play some board games with your friends, like chess, or play the guitar and sing for your friends (if you have a good voice). After all this, you only need to pay for the time you were there. You don’t pay for anything else. [An hour costs less than $1.]  I wish you could find some place that is really like a home away from home for you and your friends. For me, it is the Not-café!

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