Songs that slip across borders


Photos from Cherkassy, Ukraine concert, October 2014.  Courtesy Katya.


Story by Katya.  Native languages, Ukrainian and Russian.

I WENT to a concert a few weeks ago by a group called Ocean Elzie.  It was wonderful! For a long time they have been a popular group in our country. Today they go all over the country and sing in support of unity. One of their songs is called “Stand up”.  It is about Ukraine and our hard times. It says to use these times to be stronger because we are needed in the world.  

    The concert was more than 3 hours long.  The best part was when the lead singer, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, surprised us all.  He has a grey scarf that is always around his microphone [see photo above].  It goes with him all over the world. But in our concert, he took it off and cut it in two parts and gave it to two people in the audience.  They were so happy. His kindness made us all feel good.  We felt happy and proud of our country after the concert.  The music helped us relax and freed us from our worries.  When you are singing you are stronger than fear. 

   *The song below was part of a concert in Russia’s Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow.  Svyatoslav [the lead singer] spoke to the crowd in Russian, but the group sang in both Russian and Ukrainian.  The song here is in Ukrainian, but many of the Russian concert goers knew it well enough to sing along.  

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