Please don’t do that!

   By Tonya whose native languages are Ukrainian and Russian. Tonya is in 11th grade.



 Old village classroom in the village-museum of Pirohova, Ukraine 


I HAVE three favorite teachers and I can’t choose between them who is the best. My history, biology, and Ukrainian language teachers are my favorites. 

     My favorite class is history because the way my teacher teaches it is so interesting. She can capture the attention of even the students who don’t like school.  She teaches in a simple way. She takes the most complicated things and explains them simply. She doesn’t read it from a book. She tells it like real life and then everyone understands. History is my favorite subject because of her. 

     Our Ukrainian language teacher describes things so perfectly!  If you ask her a question you can be sure she will answer you in a way you can understand. She doesn’t waste a minute. She makes the best she can of every lesson. 

    Our biology teacher is so loyal to us! She understands children and knows how to communicate with young people. There isn’t anything she won’t do to help us learn.

     All three of these teachers love what they are doing. The students see their passion and it’s contagious. Even when they’re home these teachers are working for us. Our Ukrainian teacher sends us e-mails to explain the lessons beyond what she taught us in class. She’s always there to help. She just gives and gives.  Even during holidays she goes to school and waits there if anyone comes and wants more help. If teachers love their subjects and work for that and not just to earn money, students feel that. 

     I would like to say to teachers: Please don’t be judgmental if a student doesn’t do something right. It’s horrible when a teacher makes students feel badly because they don’t know something. Please don’t do that! Try to understand why the students aren’t getting something. 

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