New city, new friends, new everything!


Photos courtesy Katya


Katya has been writing stories for InterestEng. for three years now and has served as our film editor for the last year. Her native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, but she also speaks English, French, and Polish very well!  This month Katya begins her first year of college at a culinary school in Poland.  Congratulations, Katingka!

I SPENT a week in Lviv this summer before getting ready to head off to school.  I liked it so much. I like it even more than Kiev!  I visited Lviv with two of my girlfriends. We were living together in an apartment we rented. We visited so many places and took so many photos! There were lots of tourists and people were really kind. After that trip my girlfriends decided to enter universities in Lviv. On the trip I met two boys who live in Poznan (that is the city where I’ll go to university). We made friends and they told me almost everything about living there. The week after Lviv I spent at my grandparents’ dacha. My cousin arrived from Kiev and we visited our grandparents. I’ll move to Poland in two weeks so I’ve started packing my clothes! —Katya

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