My grandfather’s patience

      This story is by Andrei. Those of you who have been reading InterestEng. since the beginning know Andrei as Dr.Surprise. He’s now  a senior in high school and soon to go off to university. His English has grown as much as he has. Here he writes about his patient grandfather.



ONCE I was in the village with my grandfather and grandmother and we had guests, they were other relatives. We went to a pond to search for some frogs and play. That day we found a little lizard and took her to the house. When grandfather came to the door he saw the lizard and jumped in surprise because at that moment the lizard jumped out of my hands into the house. Grandfather was not happy. We never saw the lizard again. After that I lost my right to bring animals I found into the house.

     Another time Grandfather and I were talking about snakes. He does not like snakes. He is very afraid of them. That day he went out fishing. While he was gone, I was on his bed playing and eating a banana. Without thinking, I put the banana skin on the bed. That night when he went to bed, he put his legs under the covers and his leg touched the banana peel. He screamed, threw off the covers and ran through the house. We were all scared and then I remember what I had done. I was only 6 or 7-years-old. My grandfather was not always happy with me, but he always loved me! 

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