My 10 favorite places

  Story by Tonya.  Native languages, Ukrainian and Russian.



TEN.  My school’s canteen [snack room]. When I have classes that make me feel bored, I get hungry. I can’t wait to get away and have a snack.

NINE.  My friend’s apartment.  I like being there because I love spending time with her.  She’s my best friend.

EIGHT.  My uncle and aunt’s apartment. Two of my cousins live there and I adore them. They are the nicest kids I’ve ever known and I love to play with them and teach them. I love to see them growing up.

SEVEN.  My granny’s apartment.  I like listening to my granny’s stories, playing cards with her, and eating the food that she cooks because it is always very tasty!

SIX.  The Dnieper river.  This place is unbelievable. The water is clean and warm, the river is deep and just fantastic. I love swimming and tanning there.

FIVE.  My family’s country house. Country houses are called dachas.  I spend a lot of time there with my granny and cousins every summer.  A country house is a place where people spend their free time with their families. Our country house is a brick house with a vegetable garden and a lot of flowers and trees.  I love it because it’s a place to be with my family.  I love getting to know them better.  

FOUR.  The beach near our country house. People go there only on weekends. You never see them on weekdays and that’s why I love it much more than the beach near my city apartment.

THREE.  My living room. We have an air conditioner in the living room and a very comfy sofa. I like to sit on the sofa and watch TV eating something delicious.

TWO.  Any kitchen.  The place where people cook food.  What else do I need to say?

ONE.  My bed. (It is my dog’s favorite place too.)  After a long day I love to fall asleep on my bed and have sweet dreams.

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