Hungry to teach



I honestly never thought of being a teacher!  

     Once I met a boy whose fluent English so impressed me that I made up my mind to master it. Now, after working more than 10 years as a teacher, I feel great pleasure when I see how successful my students are. I am greatly satisfied when students with poor knowledge of English gradually gain success. Then I understand that my job is very important, especially now when English is used almost everywhere and by so many people. I realize that I can help people travel, see the world, meet lots of new friends and be happy having this valuable skill.  So, I can say that in my case, “appetite came with eating”!  I never cherished the idea of being a teacher of English, but now I really enjoy it.  —Alyona

Alyona is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English. She is a full time teacher of English in Ukraine. This is her first article for InterestEng.  Welcome, Alyona!

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