Higher education: gift for a few or a right for all?

Photo: courtesy Faustin Tuyambaze

       Andrei is from Ukraine and speaks both Ukrainian and Russian as native languages. He has studied English since grade school and was one of our first writers for InterestEng. Some of you may remember his space stories written under the name, Dr.Surprise. Andrei is now in his 1st year at what is considered the finest university, the “Harvard,” of Ukraine.  

I THINK higher education is neither a gift nor a right. A gift is something you can be given for doing nothing—but for having a higher education you must work hard. 

     I don’t think that higher education is a “right” of all people, but I know that to honestly write that sounds bad. If higher education was given to everyone the level of education would fall very low because it would be less valued. 

     If education is to be for everyone, it must be free—but that means that the government must pay for all students. Free education would mean enormous amounts of new students, and that would mean that more universities would have to be built, more staff hired, more money spent, and more work done. Professors say that if there are less people in a class, the class is more effective. If there were a lot of students, the effectiveness of the classes would go down. More people would go to university just for the diploma and would spoil the studying process for people who want to study hard. If education was for everyone there would be many more people with diplomas but far fewer people with true knowledge. —Andrei


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