Heading out on my own

By Tonya who is in 11th grade. Her native languages are Ukrainian and Russian.



Heading off to college or university can seem like going to a new world. Being grateful for new opportunities helps a lot when you’re afraid.

I’M on my last year at school and there is a lot to think about. Looking around, I see other students who can’t make up their minds about what to study and where to go. It’s hard because what we’re going to study is the basis of our future and if we make a wrong decision we will regret it for a long time. It’s sad to waste your time on something that was a mistake.

     I’m happy because I know what I want to do now. I will be studying international relations at a Polish university in Warsaw.  I chose this because I love learning languages. For me, communication is the most vital subject of all.

    I had a lot of doubts about what classes should I chose at my new university. I’m still not sure about this. I don’t even know what courses I will have to choose from. I want to learn French and Polish and continue learning English and Spanish. I already speak Russian and Ukrainian.

     I worry about a lot of things I might face. For example, I don’t want to live in a dormitory and share a room with someone. It’s not private. I hope I can afford to rent an apartment. But the thing that worries me the most is that it will be hard to be away from my mom. I’m not very organized. I often wish I could do things better. But my mom is always there for me. However, I know I must get used to being a responsible and independent adult. 

    I think the most interesting part of studying in Poland will be communicating with people from different countries, who speak other languages. Even though there are a lot of things I worry about, there are more things I look forward to. I think it helps to remember that. I really can’t wait to get there.

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