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Last month we learned how to make French Toast. This month I’ll show you how to make blini. I learned to make blini when I was 8. It’s easy and you’ll love them! People make blini for breakfast or dessert. The secret is to make them really thin.  



Measurements: teaspoon - tsp. || Tablespoon -Tbl.

What you need: 

3 cups milk (450ml) ... 3 eggs ... 1.5 cups flour (180g) ... 3 Tbl oil ... 3 Tbl sugar  ... pinch (very little) salt. Honey or fresh fruit  on top.


Step 1: 

Break 3 eggs in a bowl. Beat eggs very well. Add only 1 cup of milk, and salt and sugar.


Step 2: 

Gradually (a little at a time) add flour and mix very well so there are no lumps.


Step 3: 

Add all the milk, plus the oil. The batter should be like thick cream. If it is too thick, add a little more milk. If it is too thin, add a little flour.


Step 4: 

Brush a frying skillet with oil. Add a little batter. Turn the pan from side to side so that  the batter covers the bottom. Don’t make the heat too hot. Just medium heat.


Step 5: 

When the blini is golden brown turn it over with a spatula. Or, if you’re brave, try to flip it over!


Step 6: 

Fold the blini in half and then in half again so they make a triangle.

Serve with jam, cream, honey fruit or just melted butter. You can also put the filling inside the blini before you fold it. When you make them for dinner you fill them with fish, caviar, meat, cheese, or mushrooms. Bon appetit!


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