Believing in our talent

An old book; a timeless message.


Illustration by Oksana

  The book Martin Eden was written by Jack London. (1909)

MARTIN EDEN is a simple man who is sure he will be nothing more than a sailor. He thinks he will always work like a slave, and knows he’ll waste all the money he earns. But for all his faults, when a day came when someone showed him the beauty of art “he responded,” as Jack London writes in the beginning of the story. Martin just needed to see what no one ever showed him. He then lived to improve himself and do something worthwhile. This is an old story, but Jack London tells it so well. It has something important to say to us today. After all, there are very few people who think they have something special to give.

     Motivation is really all we need, because we all have a talent—even if other people don’t see it. Often, all it takes is someone simply showing a person how to take the first step, and then a person’s secret talents (about which no one knew) suddenly come to life. 

     I wrote this story hoping that people reading it would remember that we should not be discouraged about the past. We can always have new goals to work for. If things didn’t work out in the past, to start over is not so terrible! We must not listen to what other people say if they keep us from going forward. No one has to be less than a great or talented person.   

— Oksana (native language, Ukrainian).

Oksana is our Art Editor. She has been drawing ever since she was a little girl. She is currently in college studying to be a computer programmer. She is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. She studied English in school, but has been studying English seriously just one year in college. She has many, many hopes and dreams.


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