Art — my second breath


Sketch by Oksana

“Art is our deepest thoughts expressed in the simplest way.” — Albert Einstein

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a picture and I’m afraid to fall asleep again in case I forget the idea. At such moments, I understand that drawing is all I need in life. Sometimes, when I’m just looking at something pleasant, I wish it was a sketch that later I could make into a painting. Sometimes I wish everything around me was a sketch that I could take home with me! There are little sketches and little designs everywhere you look. My college professors are resigned to the fact that my notebooks will be full of drawings. 

Many people do not understand me. They ask why I do not get tired of drawing all the time? But I can’t imagine life without drawings. For me, it’s like having a second way to breathe. With the help of drawings I express all my feelings and emotions—both sad and happy thoughts. It all depends on what is happening around me. It is interesting to show my work to others and to see their reactions; to discover what mistakes I’ve made. I hope that all my life I can express my feelings in drawings, regardless of whatever I will be doing in the future.

Author, Oksana (native language, Ukrainian).

Oksana is our new Art Editor. She has been drawing ever since she was a little girl. She is currently in college studying to be a computer programmer. She is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. She studied English in school, but has been studying English seriously just one year in college. She has many, many hopes and dreams.


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