A New Year’s surprise

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The happiest day ever!


I can do it … I can do it.


On the trail

Katya has been writing stories for InterestEng. for two years now. Her native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, but she is also learning English, French, and Polish!  This month, to start off the New Year, Katya used her English skills to surprise her parents with this story. 


ONE Saturday in November we had our close friends as our guests. While my mother and Auntie Alona were cooking a delicious dinner for us, her son, Andrei, my father, Uncle Lenya and I were riding quads!  It was unforgettable! Although I had never ridden a quad before, I did it very well. We spent two hours in the forest with our instructor. All of us were wearing helmets and jackets. Here are some photos as proof!

     We had a lot of fun. It was scary maybe the first 5 or 10 minutes, but it is really as easy as riding a bike. I led most of the way and my father sat in back, but then dad took the helm. The funniest part was when we tried to reach the top of the hill. We had to push the quad to get the speed higher to reach the top. It was so funny. Andrei did it so well, so I think he did it before.

     It was the best day of the year. So, THANK YOU, Mom and Dad. I wrote this story to say I love you! Surprise! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


* Thank you so much, Mom and Dad! *

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