Joys of a newcomer

jacaranda. Jacques Eksteen

Photo courtesy Jacques Eksteen

      Cynthia is originally from Taiwan but has lived in Perth, Australia for ten years. In Taiwan she was a librarian. Her native language is Mandarin. 

WHEN I just moved to Australia many years ago, everything was new to me and every day was full of wonder. When I walked along the streets, I was often impressed by the colourful surroundings: the bright blue sky, a magnificent double rainbow, the lush green bush and lawns, the amazing red bottlebrushes, the poetic purple Jacarandas [pictured above]. It was just like a nature gallery where I could visit anytime I liked. 

     Besides, there are so many unique and beautiful birds in Australia. They always entertained me with their melodious singing. Sometimes I was amused by the laughing sound from kookaburras. It was so joyful.  Although living in this new country was a big challenge for me, I was grateful to be able to experience such joys that nature presents us.


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