Remembering family

Taiwan:Bernard Gagnon

Paddy field in Yilan County, Taiwan. Photo courtesy Bernard Gagnon


Cynthia is originally from Taiwan but has lived in Perth, Australia for ten years. In Taiwan she was a librarian. Her native language is Mandarin. She enjoys reading spiritual books and exploring different cultures. This is Cynthia’s first story for InterestEng.  Congratulations, Cynthia, and welcome! 

TRADITIONS are an important part of my family life and bring us closer together. Apart from Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, which falls on either the 4th or 5th of April, was another important day for my family in spring. On this special day, my family members used to visit the graves of our ancestors to show our respect.

     In addition, my mum always prepared delicious spring rolls for us to eat. They are not the same as the Vietnamese types, nor the deep fried ones we eat in Chinese restaurants. These spring rolls consists of a thin pancake with ingredients such as noodles, cooked vegetables, tofu and peanut powder to enhance the taste. Normally people make it themselves and it’s a lot of fun. I will never forget how happily my family joined together and enjoyed this wonderful dish on Tomb Sweeping Day.

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