When you are new

  A Story —

Lily started school in September. It was now October and she still didn’t have any friends. People were nice, but she didn’t have any real friends. That is because Lily was “new”. At first when Lily’s parents told her that they were moving to a new country she was happy. But now she was sad and wanted to go home  . . . to her home, to her friends, to her school. But all those things were far away. Lily felt completely alone. Then one day her mother said, “Lily, when we left I brought this little stone from our country. We’ll make a chain for it and you can wear it around your neck. You’ll always feel the spirit of our land by your heart.”


Lily loved her mother very much. She always knew how to help. They made the chain and Lily put it around her neck. She felt better already. But then she said, “I love my necklace, Mother. But, Mother, the necklace will not give me friends! I want some friends.” Lily almost cried even though she really was grateful for the necklace. Her mother thought a moment and then said, “Well, I will give you just one bit of advice. Be kind and people will want to be with you. If you see someone who looks sad, go up that person and try to help. The person will not forget what you did. In this way you’ll find real friends. The most important thing is not to lose hope and to believe that things will be better.” Then Lily’s mother looked at her and said, “Well, you could also take some sweets to school and share them with your classmates!”  They both smiled.

 — Ilnara (Ilnara’s native language is Russian)


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