When books were written


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Pelagaeya, whose native language is Russian, is one of our youngest writers. She is now in 8th grade, but began writing for us when she was in 4th grade. This month she decided to find out what it was like when people wrote books . . . by hand!

I decided this year that I should read both fantasy and classical books.  I went to the library and found a book of Shakespeare.  It was “Hamlet”.  I took the book home and began to read it. I read many pages and then I came to a page that was missing.  I was not happy.

     I thought, “Maybe it would be interesting to do an experiment and see if I could make a new page.”  So I found the page on the internet and then began to write it out.

      It was an interesting experience to see what it was like when books were written by hand, but it was a lot of work!  It took me  a long time to write it out.  I had to write the words very small and I didn’t even know what many words meant. By the time I finished, I was sorry I ever had such an idea! I’m not even sure the next reader will be able to read my writing.  But I did it.  I  put my page in the book.  But I will not tell the librarian when I return it.  It will be more interesting to have the next person find my page.   —Pelagaeya

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