Photo: Alisa


 ................................................. “CHARLIE”  [A true story.]

I went to visit a friend before going to live in a new city. The year before, I gave my friend a beautiful cat. When I went to visit her, the cat had kittens. There were 2 left. The others were already taken. One kitten was very active and playful. The other kitten was quiet and sad. He was very thin and even awful looking. Suddenly the unhappy kitten came to me and put his paws on my chest, as if he was stuck to me like glue. He looked at me with such sad eyes, asking me to take him home. He really touched my heart but I couldn’t take him. I held him in my arms and said, “I’m sorry little one, but there’s no way I can take you with me.” I wasn’t sure where I would be living. I was hoping to live in an apartment and often apartment owners will not take renters who have animals.

The kitten understood everything. He went away. I offended him. After a while, I began to gather my things and said good-bye to my friend. I got on the metro and, suddenly, I felt something move in my bag. I opened my bag and there was the kitten in a corner. When he saw that he was discovered, he started to purr as loud as he could. Then and there I named him Charlie. He has been with me ten years. He’s not a cat, he’s a little miracle! Now he is the most beautiful one.

Story by Alisa [translated from Russian by Vanya]

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