The good balloon

       A fairy sail   


A fairy sail is like a fairy tale, but is written by two people writing each other on the Internet. One person writes a few words and sends them up to the stars, around the moon, across the night sky and into the computer of a 2nd person. Then that person adds to the story. It sails back and forth until it is done.


ONCE upon a time there lived a boy named Radion. He woke up one morning and saw a red ballon at his window. The balloon knocked on the window and said, “Hello! My name is Sharik. Let me in!”  Radion jumped up and ran to the window. “And my name is Radion. Before I let you in, you must tell me, are you a good balloon or a bad balloon?”  The ballon said, “I’m a good balloon! But before I come in, you must tell me, are you a good boy or a bad boy?!”  Radion answered, “I’m good boy.” The balloon started to laugh. 

     Radion said, “Why are you laughing?!” The balloon laughed again and flew to a tree. Radion got dressed and ran to find it. 

     When Radion saw the balloon, he started to climb the tree. The balloon laughed and flew higher. Suddenly, Radion’s mother called to him, “What are you doing? I told you never to climb trees!” Radion said to his mother, “I can’t get down!”  The balloon started to laugh very hard.   

     Then Radion heard his mother say, “Radion, Radion! Wake up!  It’s time to get up!” Radion opened his eyes and said, “Oh, mother, I dreamed that I was a bad boy.” His mother smiled and said, “It was only a dream. You’re a good boy!  And Radion, happy birthday!” 

     Then Radion smiled and remembered it was his birthday. That day, when his friends came to celebrate, they gave him a red balloon. 

Pelagaeya and Mrs.Chips

Pelagaeya’s native language is Russian. She’s been studying English a little more than three years. She played Lucy in her school’s performance of “Narnia”.


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