PAGE 10:   My 10 favorite books

I  REALLY love books! I want to tell you all my favorite books, but I can’t remember them all! In our town library there is a very good librarian. She gives me interesting books to read. I love to read because I forget everything around me. It’s like I’m swimming at the bottom of a deep lake and the story is like the water all around me. I’m always sad when a book ends, and so I love really long books! Here are 10 of my favorite books:


Harmful Advice by Grigori Oster





TEN!   Harmful Advice by Grigori Oster. This is a very funny book. It is written like a poem. It’s about children who don’t listen to their parents.  Their parents say one thing and then the children do the opposite. If their parents tell them to be quiet, they start to talk. So this book tells children to do bad things so then they will do good things. Here is one small part from the book:

When you go to a party, leave your gift on a bookshelf. 
Leave it where it won’t be seen and later give it to yourself.
At the party be sure to sit next to the cake, 
And don’t talk to anyone, your dessert is at stake!
Take little bites, you can eat more that way.
Fill your pockets with the nuts. We promise it’s O.K.
But please be careful! Don’t put jam in there, too.
Your pockets will stick together like glue!

Excerpt from
Harmful Advice, Grigori Oster. [Translation: InterestEng. staff]

NINE!   Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett. [This book you can read in English.] This is a story about a poor boy who becomes rich. It is an interesting and kind story.

EIGHT!   Cool Detective. This is a series of books [many books all together] by different Russian authors. These books are funny too. The books play with words. One hero is a cat. His name is Cat DaVinci. In Russian “cat” sounds like “Code” DaVinci. [There’s a famous book for grown-ups called The DaVinci Code.]


Hans Christian Andersen

SEVEN!   Anderson’s Fairy Tales.  [This book you can read in English.]  These are very interesting stories. They teach you how to live right. They are sometimes sad. But if they were different, they would not be so good or interesting.


SIX!   The Tales of Paul Bashov. These stories are more serious. The author wrote old Russian stories [stories from long ago] that he heard. 

Note to readers: The most famous of his stories, “The Tale of the Stone Flower” was made into a ballet by the famous composer Sergei Prokofiev. 

FIVE!   Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter.  Astrid Lindgren. [This book you can read in English.]  It is a book about friendship. A boy and a girl are friends, but their parents and relatives are enemies. I like this book because it is about real friendship. 


Astrid Lindgren

FOUR!   Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren.  [This book you can read in English.]   I like this book because in this story is a very funny girl named Pippi.  For example, once she went home, but she walked backwards [with her back to the door] because she was too lazy to turn around!

THREE!   Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter.  This book is about a girl who gives joy to everyone.  I like this book because it’s just like Pollyanna. It gives me joy!

TWO!   Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. [This book you can read in English.] This book has many adventures.  In this book there are two heroes and also three very important people. There are also dragons. In the book, a boy has a friend who is a dragon. But the story is very complicated! It is much more interesting than I can write about in English!  

Silver Chair

C.S. Lewis

ONE!   The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  These books are very good. [You can also read these books in English.]  I love books with adventures and good endings. These book have both. I think they are important to read. You learn a lot from them. And when you read these books, you think that you are part of the story too. It is very pleasant. 

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