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Yulia’s first day of school when she was in the first grade.


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This sweet story is by Yulia and her English tutor in America. Yulia is our youngest writer and this is her first story for InterestEng.  Yulia is from Russia and has been studying English since she was six-years-old.  She told this story to her English tutor who typed it for her. This is the way we start our youngest authors writing.  Welcome Yulia!

HELLO!  My name is Yulia.  I get up at seven in the morning.  For breakfast I eat bread and butter.  I drink tea with sugar.  I go to school at eight in the morning. I study Russian and English language, mathematics, reading, history and gym.  My favorite subject is music. After school I go to musical school and dance school.  Then I go home.  I do my school lessons at night.  I have got English lessons by Skype.*  I like to make pictures.  This is my picture.  I have got a little sister.  Her name is Masha.  She is five.  I am 10 years old. —Yulia

* The English textbooks used in Russia are British, hence the expression “I have got” as opposed to the American, “I have”.  Yulia’s American tutor conforms to her British textbooks.

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