How much work can one grandmother do?


         This story is by Pelagaeya, whose native language is Russian. She is now in 5th grade. She wrote her first, very short, story for us when she was in 3rd grade. Now she can write a full story with just a very little help.  We are very proud of her.

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I WANT to tell you about my grandmother.  She lives in a small village. She has many animals: one dog, three cats, three rabbits (they are friends, not to eat), three goats, and nine sheep. Five of the sheep are new baby lambs. She also has many chickens. They are too many to count. 

     Her dog is named Chapka. The cats are named Mysia, Keesa, and Pushinka. One rabbit is the mother rabbit and she has two babies. One goat is the mother goat and she has two babies. Mama goat is black and her name is Chernusha. But her babies are white.  When I want them to come to me, I say, “Kozushee, Kozushee!”   I think, they know what I want them to do, but they don’t do it.

     Grandmother decided that there are too many sheep to give them names. (Well, to say honestly, she said the sheep are too dumb to come to their names.)  

     Every day she must graze the goats and sheep. When I am there I help my grandmother feed the animals, graze the goats and sheep, and work in the garden.

     Most of the people in this village have only one or two animals. Grandmother has animals because she wants fresh milk, cottage cheese, eggs and meat. Sometimes she sells some of the milk. In the spring and autumn my grandmother sells the wool of her sheep.

     Grandmother wakes up about 5:30am and begins to work. First, she eats breakfast. Then she goes to the barn to feed all the animals. She must feed the animals two times each day and feed herself three times each day. By 7:00am she must milk the goats. Sometimes she then goes to the garden to work or sometimes she works in the house. Every day she has different jobs to do. For example, grandmother waters the garden, digs garden beds, and plants seeds for vegetables. She grows potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, onions, beets, cabbage, carrots, radishes, garlic, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, eggplant, apples, plums, currants and gooseberries. She also grows lots of flowers.   

     All August and September she gathers vegetables and berries. She  makes jam and stores all the vegetables for the winter.  She also cuts hay for the winter. She buys half and cuts half herself.  She also prepares wood for the winter. She must split the wood and stack it.

     Grandmother does not have much time in the evening, but she loves to knit and sew. She also loves to do stitchery and to read books (especially fantasy books).  She goes to bed about 9 o’clock.  


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