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Pelagaeya’s rabbit


Thanks to Pelagaeya, InterestEng. now has its own rabbit!

Many years ago, handmade Russian dolls were put by the door to let in happiness and keep out sadness.  They were made from simple things you find at home.

Story by Pelagaeya.  Native language, Russian.

WE have a very old toy called obereg. It means “to protect”. The dolls bring your family happiness and keep you safe.  There were different kinds of obereg.  The one I love the most is called zaichik na palchik. It means “rabbit ‘round my finger”.  It is a very old toy.  The rabbits were made for little children. Children could tell them stories and play with them when they were alone. It is a fun doll and so it is my favorite doll. I learned how to make this doll from the Internet!   

     I have a doll my grandmother made me. It is two dolls in one. One doll is young and one doll is older.  The older doll helps you do what is right. The younger doll gives you happiness.  I love this doll!  Here are some pictures of her.  There are also more obereg pictures below. 

       doll3    Doll2 

                                      … … … ...        The film below shows you how to make a rabbit. The film is in Russian, but from the pictures you can see how to do it. 

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Here are more Russian obereg.

    Ricedoll   . .

Doll 1: soft yarn.  //  Doll 2: rolled pieces of cloth.  //  Doll 3: rice filled doll.  A girl was given this doll so she would learn to cook well!  //  Doll 4: hand puppet.  //  Doll 5: made of cloth from old family clothes, like shirts, skirts, scarves. A girl made this doll and took it with her when she got married and left home. 

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