Hopper and Chirp


By Pelagaeya, whose native language is Russian. She is in 4th grade.


Pelagaeya read a book in English called “Frog and Toad are Friends” by Arnold Lobel. She then wanted to try to write her own book (with a very, very, very little help from Mrs.Chips). Here is Chapter One. 


Hopper’s house was too small for him.



HELLO, friend. Please, if you please, be pleased to please meet Hopper and Chirp! Hopper is a grasshopper. He is a little crazy. He is always in a hurry. Chirp is quiet and kind. He does everything carefully. He is a cricket. Chirp never tells Hopper what to do, because Chirp is very humble [he doesn’t think he is more important than other chirps]. Chirp also knows that Hopper would not do it.   

      Hopper and Chirp live in a forest. In the middle of the forest is a meadow. In the middle of the meadow is a stream [a very small river]. By the stream there is a hill of grass and on the hill of grass are two houses: one for Hopper and one for Chirp. Now you know where they live.

      Hopper hurried to make his house. When he finished, it was too small for him. Chirp made his house carefully. It was big and comfortable. When Hopper saw Chirp’s house he said, “Chirp, give me your house. It is too big for you and my house is too small for me.”  

     Chirp is very kind and so he gave his house to Hopper. The next day when it was time for dinner, Hopper said, “Chirp, invite me to dinner. You cook better than I do.” 

     “But Hopper,” said Chirp, “don’t you remember? My house is your old house. It is too small for you! I cannot invite you to dinner.”


     “Not ever?” asked Hopper.

     “Never,” said Chirp. 

     And that is why Hopper always makes dinner for Chirp

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