Hopper and Chirp (Chapter 2)


By Pelagaeya, whose native language is Russian. Pelagaeya is in 4th grade.


Note from the Editor: Pelagaeya read a book in English called “Frog and Toad are Friends” by Arnold Lobel. She is using that story as a model to write her own. The ideas here, however, and how they are expressed, are (remarkably!) all Pelagaeya’s own.  She has only had a very little help from Mrs.Chips with spelling and punctuation.  You can find Chapter 1  HERE

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Crickets love the moon.




Chirp singing on YouTube


ONE day Chirp remembered that he forgot something. That is, he knew there was something he wanted to remember. He then looked up at his favorite picture. It was a picture of the moon. Suddenly, he wanted to “chirp” [to sing a cricket song]. Crickets chirp in the night when they see the moon. That is how Chirp remembered the something he forgot. As soon as he remembered the something, he hurried to tell Hopper.  

     “Hopper,” said Chirp, “do you remember how we met?”

      “No, I forgot,” said Hopper.

      “I just remembered, so I will tell you. I went to live by the stream [a little river]. Every night I wanted to chirp because I was so happy. But one night I heard someone sigh a very heavy sigh. I was afraid and stopped chirping. I whispered, “Whooooo are you?!” 

     A voice answered, “Who are you?!” 

     I said, “You tell me first!”

     The You said, “No!” 

     So I said, “My name is Chirp. I’m a cricket.”

     Then You laughed. When You laughed it scared me even more! You have a very scary laugh, Hopper! You came out of the grass when You laughed and said, “I’m Hopper. I’m a grasshopper.”

     “I was the You?” 

     “Yes, Hopper. You were the You.” 

     “Now I remember! I sighed a really heavy sigh because someone was singing and I couldn’t sleep.” 

     “That was me singing! Do you like my singing?” asked Chirp.

     “I like your singing when you sing at home, Chirp, because I don’t hear it,” answered Hopper. 

     Chirp thought a minute. “Does that mean you like my singing or don’t like it?” asked Chirp again.

     “It means, thanks to your singing we’re friends.” 

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