Grandmothers know about the courage to persist. We can learn so much from them. We love their kindness and caring. And we especially love how they make us laugh. This story is for grandmothers everywhere.     

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I HAVE A grandmother. Her name is Valentina. She telephones us many times each day. Sometimes granny calls because she is making soup. “Do you want some?” Later she telephones and asks, “How are you?”  Sometimes she telephones and tells me the dream she dreamed last night. Then she calls and tells me what she saw on television. Sometimes she calls and tells me about her life when she was a child. Lots of times she calls and asks, “Where is Papa? What is Mama doing?” Do you know why my granny’s calls make me laugh? Because she lives in the flat [apartment] next to ours! — Pelagaeya

 ...........Pelagaeya’s native language is Russian.  She’s in 4th grade and has been studying English three years. Pelagaeya is our youngest writer.  


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