Are you mine?

Photo: Polina


IT WAS the beginning of November. Albina walked down the street remembering all the happiest days of the old year. She smiled. Soon it would be a new year.  

     Suddenly she stumbled on something soft. She looked under her feet and saw a little kitten. She took him in her hands. Albina looked all around but saw no one. The kitten, it seems, was homeless, so she decided to take him home. There was, however, one problem. Albina’s father didn’t like animals. The kitten purred very loudly. It was so beautiful and sweet . . . and helpless. “Where is your mother? Where is your home? What can I do?” thought Albina. Then she had an idea. She knew her father was a kind man and liked to help people in trouble. “Maybe … just maybe …” she thought. 

     Albina took the kitten home and told her idea to her mother. Her mother said it was O.K. to try her idea. Albina found a small, deep box and put a soft towel in the bottom. While Albina did this, her mother gave the kitten some milk. Then Albina found a piece of paper and wrote on it: I AM ALL ALONE IN THE WORLD. PLEASE HELP ME. Just before it was time for her father to come home, Albina put the kitten in the box with the note and left the box outside by the door.

      Albina watched from the window. Her father came to the door. He looked a little gloomy, she thought. Her heart sank. When her father saw the box he quickly stopped and looked inside. Then Albina was shocked!  Her father took the box and went somewhere. She was worried about the little kitten but she was afraid to ask her father about it because he might guess that she put the box there. Albina could not find the box anywhere. What did her father do with the kitten? 

     Several days later Albina woke up very early because something soft was touching her leg. She opened her eyes. There was the kitten! Her father smiled, standing next to her bed. “Happy Birthday, Albina!” he laughed.

 — Ilnara (Ilnara’s native language is Russian.)


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