A grass bridge and other advanced technologies


Bridge Master. Photo source unknown. 

     This bridge was first built hundreds of years ago by the Incas. It was so well designed that soldiers on horses could use it. The bridges were part of an advanced road system more than 40,000 kilometers long. The bridge shown here is rebuilt by local people each year. It is the only bridge left in the world like it.

     By Awder. This is Awdar’s first story for InterestEng. He is from Iraqi-Kurdistan and his native language is Kurdish. Awder is a music student at the Fine Art Institute of Sulaimani.  Welcome, Awder!

THIS was a very interesting video! I like handmade things very much. I have a sister and she makes beautiful handmade things.

     While I watched the video, I felt we could live without technology because nature has everything for us. But sometimes it is much harder to live that way, without technology. 

     An interesting thing about this bridge is the way they do it. They make it with very thin pieces of grass, but when they put it together the rope will be very strong. I like the bridge master because he has a very strong patience while he makes these small little things. This man proved that the biggest work needs small individual steps. The people know that the bridge some day will fall down, but they do it anyway. They build it again and again.  


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