Today, far away. But tomorrow?

Is it a god of legends, our neighbor, a distant relative, or a new home? What can it be?


The size of Earth and Mars.


All photos: NASA, public domain.

Mars rover

Mars Rover

It is Mars. Our nearest neighbor. More than 4.5 billion years ago when our planet was just appearing, Mars was already our neighbor.

The color of Mars is red because of the iron in the ground. Mars has its own atmosphere and it is “rather cold”: -153 Celsius (-245 Fahrenheit) at night in the winter and +20 Celsius (+68 Fahrenheit) on a summer day.

In comparison with Earth, Mars is almost seven times smaller in size.  (see photo)

Sadly, people cannot visit Mars yet, but scientests* have already sent a little rover to visit the planet. (see photo)

And the rover was symbolically named “Curiosity”. At this very time it is exploring the huge red desert of Mars.

Less than 4 to 6 years from now, scientests want to send people to Mars. There are now a lot of space programs and inventions being designed for this HUGE experiment.

Interest in the Mars journey is so huge that scientests already found people who were willing to do tests. They put these people in special model space station for 6 months.

Valuing the exploration of our red neighbor is important. Even if we still don’t know the exact result, exploration has always helped mankind in the past. And so I hope that people will fly to Mars soon.

Even though the poles are full of ice, and you could not live there, the discovery of the icy poles was important. It changed scientests’ opinion about “life” on Mars.

And now, my friends, what do you think? Is Mars dead? Alive? Can you find the answer hidden in this story?  Look carefully!

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