Space inventions we use

     Hello again! This month I want to tell you about space technologies that we are using in everyday life. They’re all interesting, but there are thousands of them. I want to share just three that I think are most interesting.


ATHLETIC SHOES: Athletic shoes came from moon boots. Astronaunts needed special boots that would give them stability and make it easy for them to walk on the moon. What makes athletic shoes comfortable is the design that came from moon boots: the air and foam in the soles. Most of the time astronaunts and cosmonaunts wear socks on the space station. When they exercise, or during landing and take off, they wear athletic shoes. Watch —  

WATER FILTERS:  Today in most countries there are water filters. (A filter is like a net that lets water go through it but catches what isn’t clean.) Filters were made for use in space because a space station doesn’t have a lake on it! With a filter on the station, astronauts and cosmonauts reuse about 90% of the water on the station. The filter is so good that the water they drink is purer than any water on earth. Here’s a video to show how it works:

PHONE CAMERAS: One of my favorite space inventions are the little cameras in our mobile phones. We use them for making great photos to send to friends, but they were first used for communications between earth and space.

     When you think about it, our dear planet Earth is itself in space—and so you could say that all our technologies are space technologies! 



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