Humans look up


This month Dr. Surprise reminds us of a very important fact.



FOR a long time, all the creatures on our planet looked at earth and searched for life there. But there is one creature who turned its gaze to the sky and started dreaming. It is the human.

     For long time even humans were looking down. There are different theories why people started gazing at the sky. Myths and literature tell us a lot about why people wanted to understand the sky above them. Even old cave pictures show helicopters and planes!  Some scientests* say that people started looking at the sky because of their religions. But I think that people started looking at the sky because of aliens. Polls show that about 1/3 of all people on earth believe that aliens exist and a lot of people say that they have met them. Some people say that aliens are from the future and come to our time to warn us to not destroy our Earth.

    People think many different things. Still, there is the fact that humans started to watch the sky and think about it. Some of the first facts written down about space were written in India five thousand years ago! 

     Eventually, people started to make different instruments to see the sky better. They started to understand that stars can help them find their way home. In places like Egypt and Greece, they started to make instruments that could show time and count years. Thanks to the Aztecs, we now count years by 365 days. 

     In 1608, Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen gave humans the chance to look much closer at the sky. They invented the telescope. From then on, humans quickly began to invent more and more instruments to help them. As a result, today we can look into deep space. We can see different galaxies which are billions of light years away from us. 

     No one knows what will be invented tomorrow or next year. Maybe you will invent some new instrument and change our world in a good way. Tonight, just go out and watch the sky—look at the stars and the Moon. I am 100% sure that the sky will show you something wonderful.  It is always glad to give you something interesting to see, because we all are star children, and parents love their children. 

— Dr. Surprise

The information in this story was accurate at the date written.

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