Dying stars or new life?


The photo above is the Kepler Supernova. This star was first seen in 1604.     NASA photos. 


This is Crab Nebula. It is made from an exploded supernova. It too will explode some day.


This photo shows what happens in space around a supernova. The bright red ring around the supernova was made 20,000 years before the star exploded! This photo was taken in 2010.

WAS THE strongest explosion in the universe the beginning of life? And where was it in the universe if the universe has no end? And what did it do? Let us find out.

     Even today, deep in space, every moment something disappears and something appears. All stars have their limit in time. As a star becomes older, it increases in size, shines more brightly and becomes stronger. When a star dies, its death is a huge explosion called a supernova. A supernova is the biggest (now known) explosion in all space. A supernova has so much energy that it even breaks up its own molecules and atoms. And so space is always becoming full of new atoms and molecules. Pieces of the atoms and molecules breaking up connect in different ways and become new forms. You could think of it like this: your left hand could be from one part of universe and your right hand from another!

     Our sun could become a supernova too. In one million years, scientests* say that it will be so huge that even earth will be eaten by it.  

     When a supernova explodes, its brightness can be compared with a galaxy. A galaxy is a huge gathering of stars. Already scientests* notice 200 to 300 supernovas every year in distant galaxies. The first time a supernova was noticed and mentioned in a book was in Greece in the year 185! 

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