Joni’s story

Joni is a former student in Nangi who was born and grew up in a simple farmer family of this peaceful and beautiful village. After completing her grade 12 education from Himanchal Higher Secondary School, she has been studying in B.Ed. 3rd year in Pokhara.



MANY different incidents happen in the life of human beings, which are beyond our imagination and unbelievable. It is very difficult to express those incidents in words. What the human beings look like from outside may not be inside. Or we cannot express his experiences from his outlook.

     Different incidents happened in my life. Some of which are delightful and some are sorrowful. I would like to share some of the experiences. It is said that the SLC (School Leaving Certificate) board exam is the iron gate for the future. When I was studying in grade 10 in 2011, I felt anxious how I could cross the gate. Therefore, I took the SLC exam by working hard. I was curious about how the result would be. After the long waiting of 3 months, the exam result was out. I passed the exam in the 1st division obtaining 62.5% marks. That moment brought complete happiness in my life.

     I came to my village from Pokhara in the winter vacation this year but my grandma had been sick for a long time. She passed away in January 2016. She is no more in this world. This event  has made me very sad.

     In course of my study, my teacher said that there is a “Google Boy” in Kathmandu. So I searched on Youtube. I found the boy, Aditya Dahal. He can’t walk or speak, but he can write the correct answer asked him in [any] language and his predictions never fail. Such a video surprised me a lot.

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