Why we play music

Stories by Kanar and Awin.  Native language Kurdish.



“Through music we get rid of all the obstacles that are in our heart.” 

  WE are students of a Fine Arts Music Department where we have weekly music lessons. One of the lessons is how to play classical music. I am extremely happy for having this lesson because I get great benefit from it. Our lessons teach me not only to play music individually but also to play in an orchestra. I play the cello. 



     I love all the musicians in my orchestra! We sincerely work together. We do not have very good instruments but we will never stop trying and we will achieve our work nicely because the most important thing is that through music we get rid of all the obstacles that are in our heart. We are doing this not only for ourselves but we are training to perform music for audiences. So we are practicing daily. Our faithful teacher always helps us and he is very eager to help us achieve the best result.  

     We are living in a country that is always at war for resisting our enemies. Our soldiers fight to protect our land from those who attack us [Kurdish soldiers are, at this time, fighting the IS] and we are always playing to protect their souls. Therefore we are playing music as well as we can. We are extremely happy to have training because it means we are free to play music and I see happiness in our faces.  —Kanar

* * *

I AM also a student in the Music Department. I am an oboe player. This is the second year we have this orchestral lesson. Our teacher is very helpful. He teaches us how to perform as an orchestra—all the basic things we need to learn to use in the future. This class is teaching me to work with others and how to play music with other instruments. Some of us are waiting for this lesson each week! At the beginning we are warming up our hands and our fingers. We are waiting and sitting like an orchestra and we are tuning our instruments. We play pieces that our teacher gives us. This is very nice. He gives nice works, the beautiful works of great composers. And we like this so much. —Awin

…...…...Here the students perform a Kurmanji Kurdish folk melody called Dilber Mivane Teme…...….. or, “Darling I am the guest of your heart”.

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